Who can participate?

Criteria: Who can apply and participate for free?

(c) Wien TourismusThe invitation to the study tour 2017 is open and targeted to you, when you fulfil following criteria:

–      Egyptian journalist (m/f), which regularly publish in independent media (online / offline) about politics, social or economic topics

–      Editors in chief, media owners, head of departments or young talents with a record of at least four published milestone articles on business or political topics

–      Articles and/or media of the participants should have played a positive role in reporting about democracy and the Arab spring movement

–      Participants should – next to Arabic – also speak English fluently since the study tour programme will be held in English (Arabic translation only limited available)

–      Participants need to have valid travel documents at the time of their application for participation

–       Equal opportunities: we aim to choose 5 male and 5 female participants.

–     Contribution fee of € 150 per person.

Further information: