Example 4: Developing successful campaigns


Workshop Example 4: Developing successful campaigns

The seminar is held by experienced political campaign managers, who have been in charge of different successful election campaigns on national level.

Participants of this workshop learn…

  • … how to develop successful campaigns
  • …about efficient planning and analysis before starting a campaign
  • … avoid common mistakes
  • … how to make campaigns interesting for media
  • … how to use modern communication tools in the campaign organisation

Target audience:

CEOs, public relations managers, press officers, decision maker of institutions, NGOs, political parties and other groups, who want to  approach general public with their issues.


  • What makes a campaign a campaign?
  • Correct analyses before starting a campaign
  • How to define targets and measure the results?
  • Identify target groups
  • Define messages
  • Stages of a successful campaign
  • Successful media relations
  • Online campaigning