Dr. Mohamed-Ali IBRAHIM


Senior Consultant, Director Skills Center Arab World


Trilingual: German, English, Arabic

Studies at the Universities of Cairo, Vienna, Bratislava and Graz (Biology, Psychology ,  Translation Science and Risk management in Health Care).

Master in Translation Science and PHD in Risk Management in Health Care.


Since 2007 Senior Consultant, Skills Center Arab World   (Intercultural, Quality and Risk Management)

Appointed Quality Manager and Lead Auditor for ISO 9001 by TÜV AUSTRIA


Appointed Lead Auditor for ÖNORM EN 15038 / EN 15838 / ISO 29990 by the Austrian Standards plus Certification. http://www.as-plus.at/en/certification/certification-of-service-employment.html

Coach for Intercultural Management, Quality Management, Risk Management and TQM

Freelance journalist (TV broadcast station Sharja, various Arab newspapers)

Projects for the Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ) as accredited export consultant

Chief Editor of “The Austrian Economic Guide for the Arab World”

Author of two textbooks on Quality Management Systems “Audit Reports” (two volumes)

Author of numerous studies in English, German and Arabic, on economic subjects, e.g. export potentials, market analyses and market entries in

the Arab world, for companies such as Römerquelle, EGA Austria, Smart Food, etc.

Author of   “Influence of the introduction of a Risk Management System on hospital staff with regard to the Safety climate”

Workshops on intercultural aspects and export strategies for Arab markets (most recently for Weiss, meat processing; Rosendahl)

My Strengths

  • Positive blend of Orient and Occident
  • Workings in the private enterprise sector
  • Intercultural thinking
  • Languages

My Weaknesses

  • Ice skating
  • Gullibility
  • Peanuts

Yes, please

  • Travelling
  • Cinema
  • Jazz
  • Morocco
  • Jogging

No, thanks

  • Long drives
  • Heat
  • Flight delays
  • Plastic cutlery