Juergen H. GANGOLY

Partner, Managing Director

Born in 1972 in Mödling, Lower Austria

Trained as a craftsman, project manager and trainer in intercultural communications


Since 2008 Managing Director of The Skills Group

Since 2007 Member of the Expert Advisory Committee for Public Relations at Vienna Technical University

2003 – 2005 lecturer of Public Relations at Vienna University

2000 co-founded PR agency The Skills Group, following the merger between Skills in Public Relations and Short Cut Digital Media; since then Managing Partner of The Skills Group

1997 founded Short Cut Digital Media together with Stefan Bachleitner and Edward Strasser, while also being Account Manager at Skills in Public Relations

1997 co-founded the Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications (ÖIAT), since then volunteer contributor to and project manager of various IT projects (e.g. WienerWirtschaftsWeb, Internet Ombudsman, Austrian E-Commerce Trust Mark)

1993 – 1997 Project manager for various institutions of the European Union and the Council of Europe in Brussels and Strasbourg, among other tasks working on training and education programmes in Central and Eastern Europe, the Council of Europe’s campaign against racism “all different, all equal” and the EU year against racism

1989 – 1993 International youth and social work, project and PR manager of non-profit organisations, collaborator on the first Internet-based mailbox systems in Austria and their connections to other countries

Numerous publications and contributions to publications in the field of IT, such as: “What is the Internet? A guide through the world of telecommunications” (1997), “Electronic commerce – How small and medium-sized companies can prepare for the Internet” (1998), “Technology subsidies in Austria – An orientation guide through the subsidisation scene (1999), “spam://e-mail-werbung – The fine line between useful advertising and forbidden spamming” (2004, Verlag Österreich)

My Strengths

  • Planning and (re-)organisation
  • Efficiency

My Weaknesses

  • Saying “No” when everything’s getting too much
  • Perseverence

Yes, please

  • Progressive thinking and social responsibility
  • Creative drive
  • Creativity
  • New media

No, thanks

  • Intolerance
  • Fossilised structures
  • Pointless rules and “traditions” of all kinds